What are Circles of Wisdom?

It is a contemplative, spiritual practice in which the ability to access individual and collective inner deeper knowledge or wisdom is experienced and trained in a group setting. The approach was developed by Griet Hellinckx in 2015. It has proved to be valuable in groups between 4 and 24 people.

And ... potentially each group of people is a circle of wisdom. On the blog page you can find several inspiring examples.



Circles of Wisdom

There are introductory dates as well as half-year cycles or theme series, currently in German and in English.


In addition to the Circles of Wisdom Circles, there are other formats that support an approach to wisdom, such as the Inspiration Walks or the Flow Game.

Deepening & Training

A basis for any Circle of Wisdom is mindful communication rooted in presence, so that new ideas and insights become possible. The prerequisites and skills for this can be deepened and trained in workshops.


Would you like to delve deeper into something you noticed about yourself during a Circle of Wisdom, set new goals for yourself, or explore and train your wisdom skills? This is also possible.

Create your own Circle of Wisdom

Are you interested in inviting people to a Circle of Wisdom, but you feel you need some support? Together we can find out which form of start-up help or supervision would be right for you.



Do you want to explore your role as a host and facilitator or look into the challenges you are facing in your circle? That is also possible.

For whom?

Circles of Wisdom are for people

– who want to get to know a contemplative, spiritual practice in a group,
– who are looking for an access to their own and to the collective wisdom,
– who find a universal approach to spirituality exciting,
– who have a regular spiritual practice of their own.

There are a variety of forms of spiritual-religious practice. The best known are certainly prayer and meditation, but photography, hiking, painting, or cooking, for example, could be counted among them. It is primarily intentionality and presence that distinguish an everyday activity from a deliberate practice.

To participate in a wisdom circle, the following elements are helpful:

– The ability to be mindful and present in a conversation,
– the flexibility to be able to articulate one’s own experiences and insights without recourse to the vocabulary of one’s religion or spiritual affiliation,
– the willingness to spend time together in silence,
– responsibility for one’s own projections,
– techniques or procedures to be able to work on one’s own shadow themes outside the circle.

And we are all practitioners!


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The deeper questions one can ask oneself as a human being have changed little in the past decades perhaps even centuries. However, our way of searching and the abundance of answers offered to us has changed fundamentally, because we live in the so-called information age.

The pure accumulation of information and aphorisms does not lead thereby necessarily to the fulfillment and satisfaction of our internal search and longing. Knowledge is not the same as wisdom. Wisdom can be defined in different ways, but in any kind of description it becomes clear that wisdom has relevance for our daily life and is often a result of a deep inner process of transformation and insight.

Circles of Wisdom are a shared contemplative practice in which we experience, through practice, how to connect to our individual and collective wisdom potential. The key elements that enable this deepening are moments of shared silence, mindful communication, slowing down, an open mind, an empathic, warm heart connection, deep listening for subtle impulses. It thus includes elements that belong to most forms of spiritual practice, as well as elements from The Circle Way, Theory U and Collective Presencing.

Circles of Wisdom are ...

The process and the procedure are clearly structured, one could maybe say ritualized. The person who invites and facilitates the gathering is also a participant. This double role is demanding, as it requires that he or she can maintain a good balance in relation to both positions.

In a Circle of Wisdom, a subtle interplay emerges between one's personality, life experiences and knowledge on the one hand and the transpersonal on the other hand. Thus, each person brings a unique perspective to the question or topic being explored. In the course of the conversation, a kind of transpersonal space can become palpable, in which even challenging experiences can be shared. Qualities such as wonder, gratitude, love, joy, etc. can thus come to bear and enrich the insightful conversation and make it a gratifying and healing experience.