Circles of Wisdom is

a contemplative, dialogical practice,

that provides access to one's own and collective inner knowing or wisdom.

Wisdom Circles are rooted in silence, deep listening, and a respectful heart connection in a group setting.

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Circles of Wisdom are for people who

seek a contemplative, dialogic, spiritual practice in a group setting,

want to try out a way of accessing their own and collective wisdom,

find a universal approach to spirituality exciting,

have a regular spiritual practice of their own.

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Circles of Wisdom

I have just started offering English-spoken circles. In those initial ones there is a short introduction and it is possible to commit to just one meeting in order to get a taste. In German there are half-year cycles and thematic series.


In addition to the Circles of Wisdom Circles, I offer other formats that support an approach to wisdom, such as the Inspiration Walks and the Flow Game.

Deepening & Training

Mindful communication rooted in presence is the foundation of any Circle of Wisdom, as it is what is needed in order to access new ideas and insights. The prerequisites and skills for this can be deepened and trained in my workshops.


Would you like to delve deeper into something you noticed about yourself during a Circle of Wisdom, set new goals for yourself, or explore and train your wisdom skills? Then I am happy to assist you with my experience.

Creating your own Circle of Wisdom

Are you interested in inviting people to your own Circle of Wisdom, but you feel you need some support? Together we can find out which form of start-up help or supervision would be right for you.



Do you want to explore your role as a host and facilitator or look into the challenges you are facing in your circle or your team? That is also possible.


For Circles and offerings in German: check this page

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