About me

Are you curious to know something about the person behind the Circles of Wisdom?
Then you are in the right place.

My name is Griet Hellinckx.

I have participated in many different circles over the past decades. Along the way I learned about both the opportunities and limitations. However, above all, I keep being amazed at what is possible in groups.

I observe that more and more people around the world, strive for mindful communication and cultivate different forms of empathic or deep inquiry and listening. Clearly, new skills and wisdom competencies are being developed in the process, allowing for deeper, more all-encompassing insights. These, in turn, open up unfamiliar and fresh perspectives from which to initiate actions that come from a deeper and wiser place and address the world's complex problems in a holistic way.

In early 2015, I started a Facebook group called "circlesofwisdom" and a year later the blog site https://circlesofwisdomblog.wordpress.com. I started it because I felt it was timely to enable many people all over the world to learn from the many different approaches that are out there. Such circles will hopefully help us in the medium term to be more present and awake in daily life and align with what we really want for ourselves, humanity and this earth.

Based on my own experiences and existing approaches, I developed an approach that I hoped would be helpful in unlocking my one's own and collective wisdom in a group. In the fall of 2015, I started a first cycle consisting of 5 monthly Circles of Wisdom. Since then, I have facilitated Circles of Wisdom on a regular basis and it has become clear that this approach is rewarding.

During the first lockdown in spring 2020, the meetings were moved to the virtual space. This proved to be feasible, as well as inspiring and supportive during these challenging times. Thus, since fall 2020, there have been online and offline offerings. Now, in spring 2021, the first English-language online circles can take off.

Maybe you feel resonance? Then have a look at the calendar!

And in case you want to know more about me, here are some keywords:

Born 1963 near Brussels (Belgium).
Universal spirituality as a deep concern, with roots in Anthroposophy and Sufism.

Professional work as English teacher, lecturer in Waldorf teacher training, seminar & workshop leader, facilitator and project coordinator, mentor, coach, painter, translator and author.

Advanced training in biography work, psychosynthesis, Voice Dialogue, OLHT healing work, Heart-Centered Therapy, Art of Hosting, World Café, Open Space, Pro-Action-Café, The Circle Way, Flow Game, Systemic Constellations, DO, spiritual dream work among others.

Co-researcher Collective Presencing (2011 - 2020)
Founding member of the academy circle "Herbstakademie Frankfurt" (2014)
Co-initiator of a local nature perception practice group with Dirk Kruse (2016-2020)
Coordinator Co-Creating Europe (2017-2018)
Co-initiator CoronaCircles (2020)
Co-Researcher Team "Living Transcendence" (since December 2020)

You find more information on my Linkedin page (in German and English) and on my website www.re-connect.net/